The Friday Factor

Started early in 2010, the longest break in writing since I started back in 2001, this ran every week until late in 2015.

It had started out as a Friday pick me up to a hard working team doing some of the most repetitive, mind-numbing tasks ever devised by man. That first issue was sent to a dozen people.

By the time the last issue rolled around, the work environment had changed beyond recognition, and the mailing list was deep into triple figures based on word of mouth. This led to a number of issues, gripes and moans, that I shrugged off for a couple of years, but it was killed off by over competitive entrants to the weekly quiz, Google checking every quiz and squeezing the life out of what was supposed to be a fun five minutes.

Most of the issues are still available, with just over half a dozen being corrupted through zipping and unzipping and moves across various computers and drives.

Adding them all here will be a long task, and will happen in chunks when i get the urge to.