Crawley Wanderings

A collection of pieces about me (and sometimes Helen) wandering around Crawley looking for and at the history most people assume isn’t here. Most of the later pieces are hosted on my Medium account. There are two reasons for this. The first (and most important of the two) is there is no limit to how many high definition pictures I can add to a post there. As opposed to having to reduce the file size and add the occasional image to an occasional post so as to not exceed my server space. Secondly, there is the bonus of if any Medium member reads those posts then I get paid (very sparingly) for that.

It started as part of longer blog posts, and with taking photos of Crawley street signs at the start of the first Covid lockdown, and it’s grown since then. There will be plenty of Crawley snippets from the “Time To Explore” piece through to “Water Bored-ing”, but I’ve only included ones with mainly Crawley content in them.

Time To Explore

What? Crawley Has History?

Any Port In A Glass (part of it anyway)

Water Bored-ing

Even More History In Crawley

Another Crawley Stroll

A Pint of the Black Stuff

Am I Really Still In Crawley?

Poles Apart

To Three Bridges and Back

Poetry In Motion

A Trip To The Museum

A Wander To The Watermill

Envy With Ifield Green

Bow Down And Worship Crawley Part 1

Bow Down And Worship Crawley Part 2

A West Green Wander

My Favourite Photo

This list will expand over time as I wander about more and write it up and display the photos.