Crawley Creative Writing Group

I am a member of the Crawley Creative Writing Group and have been seen May 2017 when I found out about them through Crawley Wordfest. The group meets every second and last Saturday of the month at Crawley library.

For a session in April 2018, ran to coincide with Wordfest we produced a collection of works from the group. This can be found here.

Then we ran a similar session for Wordfest in March 2019, and again produced a collection of works from the group, which can be found here.

There was a two year interval as Wordfest didn’t run the same way. In 2020 all the events were cancelled as the initial Covid wave hit halfway through March. We still weren’t back to being in public when 2021 rolled around. But we were by the time 2022 came to join us. The collection from the group for that year is here.