Any Port In A Glass

As I was reading in bed my blinks were getting longer and longer, up to the point where I was probably asleep. At which point I dropped the Kindle on my face and woke myself up. It’s probably a bonus I don’t have to hold it at arm’s length to read as some people do, I’d have broken my nose otherwise.

It’s my last day in work for a while, as when I log off tonight I’ve got eleven days off, and then two week’s self-isolation when we come back from Porto, so I won’t be back in the office for over three weeks. It is amazing just how many people would be willing to get my laptop to my house if I “accidentally” left it in the office when going home tonight.

Poor little Charlie is getting very limpy; he came back from his walk this morning on impulse power. It does mean that in the space of a week I’ve gone from being the limpiest creature in the house to third most limpy, with Charlie getting worse, and Nathan being in a boot with his broken ankle. Next to overtake is probably Sniffles.

Speaking of whom, he seems to be turning into his dearly departed sister. He’s become a lot more vocal around getting let it, and he is being a fussy b@st@rd about his food. And his sense of timing is all off, he arrives out of breath at the front door only after we have left and got in the car. He then wanders off somewhere to sleep when we are out, and misses being let in when we get back.

I don’t know if I can decide. Do you have to be a d1ck in the first place to buy / drive an Audi, or does buying / driving an Audi turn you into a d1ck? Which came first; the d1ck or the Audi?

They were talking about herd immunity on the radio, and I think it would be a great thing if I had immunity from hearing anything.

Friday morning, no need to get up, no rush to do anything, just about managed to have brunch before heading off to get a haircut. As it was in the furthest corner of Crabbet Park, I went off after mine to take some photos of road signs, and some old houses, before meeting back up with Helen when she had finished her shearing.

We wandered up to what remains of the Crabbet estate, past the old houses and stables, and to the Holiday Inn, where I was looking to take a photo of a blue plaque, only to find that they are doing building work on the hotel and the part with the blue plaque is boarded off. Not to be defeated, we headed to Turner’s Hill Road and back over the motorway and to Caxtons, a magnificent old Tudor Cottage which has a blue plaque to Philip Webb, who appropriately helped form the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings. As we got there my fatbit did something modern and tried to shake my arm off again.

We carried on down to Balcombe Road, past more old buildings, and themed road signs

Before heading home for a quick change and respite before going back out and doing more walking. We were met with a little deposit from limpy Charlie, who obviously was objecting to being left alone for a few hours.

Then we were off again, this time we were walking over to the Frogshole Farm with friends to meet other friends (and completing a party of six) for dinner. Most of the way can be walked away from roads, through woods and fields and by streams until popping out opposite the pub.

We were given a table and had to wait for a bit for everyone to arrive. We had been told that we had to order through the app. Which is atrocious. It took twenty minutes to order drinks and puddings, and then that ended up being through a traditional waitress service. It is an Ember Inn, and the app is called Ember Inns, which is appropriate, as if you had to use to get a fire engine for a fire, by the time it had worked, embers would be all that were left.

They hadn’t told us that the table was only for a two-hour window, so it was annoying to be told that the next booking was waiting for our table, when that wasn’t our problem. They had to wait some more as well as it took half an hour for desserts to turn up. We then wanted to have drinks, and so get a table outside, only to be told that we weren’t allowed to sit as six, we had to sit on two socially distanced tables, with a maximum of four on any one table. Mind-blowingly ridiculous seeing as they had been happy for us to sit as a six inside.

We walked home, but it was dark by then so parts of the journey were quite entertaining as it was through almost pitch black woods, and for one part even my night vision wasn’t good enough to see the path, or anyone else, and so we found the way by phone light.

If Charlie hadn’t been impressed with being left alone for a few hours earlier, he was less so at being left again, and had left two lots of presents on the kitchen floor for us to clean up. We’re so lucky.

It was a late night and so on Saturday morning, we just about got into town in time for Maccy D’s breakfast, before an amble around town and a bit of shopping. People still can’t follow signs on the floor, and it is amazing just how many people out there appear to have cold chins. I took some more photos of locally listed buildings in the next street and we had Saturday night pizza and watched films, seeing as we’d been doing other things on Friday.

Packing and preparations were the name of the game for Sunday as we got ready to fly off to Porto for five days Monday morning. Helen went to see her mum and I rang mine, there were probably similar lengths in time. And during this I levelled up to level 19 – Jigsaw Ninja.

Sports went a bit better this afternoon, Spurs scored five and won, although Mourinho looked furious with the team as they had been doing some attacking. The 49ers scored with the first play of the game and kept going for a comfortable win, but so many injuries that I might be able to get a game after quarantine.

Going to make the most of being in Porto, as it’s two weeks of self-isolation when we return, unless of course they change the rules again by then.

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