Sweary Rant Number 2 – Southern Trains’ Barriers.



You fucking useless Southern Trains muppets. Seriously, how difficult can it be to fix your shit so that it all works properly? Especially with how much you charge to get a travelcard that includes an early morning train.


At first there doesn’t appear to be anything wrong. For a start your ticket machine was actually working for the first time in six weeks, and it took less than three hours to actually print the tickets out. Your barrier was open, so I could walk through fine. I got into Waterloo station and the ticket worked perfectly well on the South Western Trains’ barrier. The ticket worked perfectly well in four different underground barriers. It even worked on the Thamestink barrier at St. Pancras.


Yet, back in Crawley, the station i bought the fucking ticket at, guess what I find? Yep, once again your excuse of a company’s barriers refused to accept my ticket. “Seek assistance” the barrier flashes.


Chance would be a fine thing, it’s after five o’clock and all your staff have packed up and fucked off home. So i had to do what many other people have to do on a regular basis and tailgate someone else whose ticket was working.


Just for once, I’d like to buy a ticket from a Southern Trains’ ticket office or machine and it work on one of their own barriers. It can’t be that fucking difficult you morons. Every other fuckwit train can manage it.

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